?What are the best alternatives to Penis Extenders

Although Penis Extender is primarily derived from mental stimulation, many men are constantly looking for ways to increase the size of their penis and increase the diameter and length of their penis.

What are the best alternatives to Penis Extenders

?Is Penis Extender painful

The PrimeN’s prime Penis Extender contains lidocaine, which quickly numbs the penis

There are many counterfeit products and methods such as pills, Penis Extenders, weights and vacuum pumps that claim to enlarge the penis. However, there is currently only one non-surgical way to enlarge a man’s penis. Penile Extender is a quick way to enlarge the penis that does not require surgery. This safe and painless procedure produces results that, while reversible, also have significant durability.

One of the problems that occupies the minds of some men and sometimes deprives them of peace of mind is worrying about the size of the penis and its importance in the quality of sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, the general public mistakenly believes that the pleasure of sex is the length and diameter of the penis, and in a way this is a sign of strength and masculinity.

The size of a man’s penis in an erect state is between 10 and 16 cm and on average between 12 and 15 cm. Of course, there are those in whom the size of the penis is more or less than this. The length of the female genitalia is between 10 and 12 cm when aroused.

?What Penile Extenderis used to enlarge the penis

The result of Penis Extender in a small percentage of patients is short-lived due to higher metabolism, various diseases or drug interactions. Unfortunately, problems with reducing the effect of the Penile Extenderon the height of the penis cannot be detected before injection; However, in future treatments in this group of patients, other safe gels are used that are more permanent. The most commonly used hyaluronic acid Penile Extender injected to enlarge the penis is Redixis gel.

Benefits of Penile Extender for penis enlargement

This treatment is simple, painless and fast, it is completed in a few minutes and the patient tolerates it well.

The diameter of the penis can be increased by 20% after just one session, if the patient still wants to thicken the penis, the treatment is repeated.

The Penile Extender injection does not make the penis taller, but it shows the penis taller during erection.

The natural results of the volume injection Penile Extender injection last more than two years.

The results of this procedure are compatible with the penile prosthesis, increasing the coverage around the prosthesis and thus the patient will be more comfortable.

Suitable applicant for treatment

Gentlemen applying for penis enlargement by Penis Extender injection must meet the following conditions:

Age over 18 years

No serious complications such as severe infectious diseases, lymphatic or vascular complications

No active sexually transmitted diseases

No history of allergy to hyaluronic acid based gels

Having realistic expectations of the outcome of treatment and having a rational expectation of the height and thickness of the penis and awareness of the possibility of minor manipulation to keep the penis smooth and smooth and maintain results

Patients who have previously had penile surgery (silicone injections, fat injections, etc.) should inform the specialist to decide whether the Penis Extender is appropriate.

It is also worth noting that Extender are not to solve the problem of penile curvature.


The hardest part of injecting Penis Extender enlarge the penis is overcoming embarrassment and finding the courage to book a consultation. After going to the clinic and talking to our specialists, all this embarrassment will disappear and you can explain your expectations to the specialist.

We recommend that you discuss all your questions and concerns about penis size, treatment, and possible outcomes with your doctor. The specialist explains the injection method, makes the necessary measurements, and determines the appropriateness of the treatment. In this session, the volume of Penile Extender needed to achieve the desired result is also determined.

Thickening of the penis

The Penile Extender Is injected by a skilled cosmetologist using a narrow, circular cannula. The specialist applies an anesthetic cream to the penis to minimize discomfort to the patient during the injection. The Extender used in our clinic contains lidocaine, which quickly numbs the penis.

The doctor first injects a drug that causes an erection. In this case, the doctor can better inject the Penile Extender around the body of the penis and assess the shape of the penis during the injection. The specialist will also inject 2 to 3 ml of to the head or scrotum if necessary. The injection takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of Penile Extender injected. It takes about an hour to get an erection. The penis is tightly closed with a bandage after the injection. The penis should remain bandaged for 12 hours.

In addition, we cool the area to reduce pain and prevent penile bruising as blood vessels constrict. Men are advised to use Arnica to prevent bruising before and after the injection.

?Does Penis Size Matter

A man’s perception of the size of his penis has a huge impact on his self-confidence and positive image of his body. Men who are concerned about the size of their penis in the erect and non-erect state may experience erectile dysfunction due to anxiety and other emotional problems.

After talking to these people, the therapists found that most of these men thought their penises were too small. Most men who think they have a small penis, in fact, their penis is not small enough to cause this worry and anxiety.

Penis size and sexual partner satisfaction

Various studies on the relationship between penis size and sexual partner satisfaction have almost all concluded that there is no such relationship and that the effect of penis size on sexual satisfaction is small.

“It may be strange for some men, but most women do not pay much attention to the size of the penis, and this has been proven in numerous studies,” say experts in sexual health research. According to these researchers, in sexual intercourse for women, being romantic, gentle and gentle, and paying attention to their wants and needs, is much more important than the size of the penis. According to research, more than 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis

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